Viktor Shel Interview with the Author

I dreamed about becoming a writer

First of all I want to tell you I dreamed to become writer when I was young boy. Whole my life I thought it will be time when I will be able to sit and nobody will disturb me – I will write. But life did not allow me. First of all my farther returned from war as disabled person – Second World War. And it became the necessity for me early to obtain some profession and begin to work and support myself.

Later on life was moving me in different direction and mainly I could do what required to support my family. Just when I retired and I got free time, I decided that’s it – time for me to return to my dream. I began with writing with my life, how it was. When I wrote memoir I found out that that memoir is not for people, it for my family just. And I wanted to write something that would describe reason why I in advanced age 47 – changed my life from the Soviet engineer in Soviet Union to citizen or to person who lives in the United States.

I wrote the novel, I call it Oksana, where I explained the life of my generation, on example of the life of the family of Oksana, my first novel. And I spend to write that book several years. I followed life of my generation from the war time, Second World War, from 1941 till 1995 -97. And reading this book people will understand, what we thought, why we decided to change our life and move to another country, what we never knew and establish our life here.

After I wrote that book, I gave it to read to some of my friends and decided to publish it. And after that it was one book what I decided to write because it was family legend. That was a second book about my grandfather. And this book is as close to real events as possible. It was so many years bet in this, I don’t remember my grandfather, he never told me that story himself. I knew this from my mother. And I wrote the second book and this book was translated to English as Young Leo. 

The book about Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Jesus

I felt it I need to write and let we turn to the history why I wrote book about Judas Iscariot. What happened. I got the book of famous Russian writer Leonid Andreev who lived in the end of the 19th century – beginning of 20th century.

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