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Why the devoted supporter of Jesus betrayed him?

And I think that was because Jesus decided that he needed to create new religion. He needed to bring as much as possible attention to creator among the all people in the world.

Sacrifice is the way to reach salvation. And he got to the conclusion that the only way to attract people [is] to promise them salvation. And that salvation could be because of sacrifice. But what kind of sacrifice can be such big that save all people, every people everywhere every time forever – it could be just Son of God life. He need to sacrifice himself. And that is conclusion what had Jesus.  But it was not enough to come to that conclusion.

The Plan of Jesus Christ

Now he needed to bring this to life. To make it. To make he needed to be very careful because if he doing wrong he will never ever achieve his goal. He needed to try it first time. Second time will not happen. And to create this sacrifice Jesus made a plan. And in that plan everyone had his goal. He himself is getting sacrifice but somebody needs to give him to this authorities and he needed somebody who will so-called betray him. But before that he needs something else.

Role of apostles in the plan of Jesus

First what happens if he dies and nobody else will do anything after his life. He need to prepare people who will continue his serval after his death.  And he took among the followers 12 people and made them apostles. That people he needed to prepare to do his job after his death. And among them should be one who will betray him because this is the only way how to make, to create situation when he will become the sacrifice.

Jesus knew that He will die

And what made me sure that he did this, he planned this. First of all, Jesus knew before his death that it was his death coming. He has…. In Bible …when woman came with oil he said …. His apostles were saying that this is too expensive oil. If we will sell it we will have a lot of money to help people. Why he used it on himself? Because he knew that he is dying and it was ritual for dying people. He knew because he planned it. He knew that one will give him to the… and he said it… that one of you will betray me. And he even knew how will behave Peter when he will be arrested. He knew all this. And because of this I think that the only person who could plan all this was Jesus himself.

About Judas

But let we return to Judas. Who was Judas? Judas was one of his apostles. If Judas was so bad man wise man as Jesus will recognize this immediately. He will immediately will know that. Why he needs bad man as his follower? He knew that everyone whom he choose was the good person. He needed one of them to make traitor and he choose Judas. Because the Jesus chose Judas, Judas become the traitor. If Jesus will chose somebody else another guy will become the traitor. He could [choose] any other apostle. But he…

it was one thing what was very important: Jesus understood that after his death and after other apostles will become their servants around the people, that apostle who will betray him become a traitor. His name will be the bad name. Everybody will say that was bad guy who did this. And he could not offer to this to everyone, he needed to offer to make it because if he offer this to somebody that one may refuse, saying “I don’t want my name to be so bad! Why me? Why I should be this guy who is so bad?”  

That mean that Judas was the most trusted apostle. Who will not refuse, who will obey every word told by Jesus. And we are right now continue to think that Judas was the bad. My book saying that I don’t believe it.

Why I think so. Because it is not easy to know that your name will be all.. many many many centuries mentioned as a traitor and go and do it and obey the order of the master.Interview with Viktor Shel

About 30 Silver coins

That was relatively big money, relatively big money, it not very big money but it was not enough to buy a house and to get married. Because if that was too small money the priests would not believe the sincerity of Judas when he came and said “I will show you who is Jesus” he needed to ask the money what will be big enough to become believable that he is capable for such money to betray [Jesus].

Jesus, new religion and the issue of sacrifice  

The bible doesn’t explain this. The one thing is important is that Jesus… that time it was very difficult life for all people….Jesus said that to believe in God and doing for God is more important than become rich.

But I am not sure that Jesus without sacrifice would become such important figure in history and be able to give his apostles knowledge to preach to the people, other people and bring the crowd and other believers. Because we know from Bible they were simple fisherman. They were not preachers. They were not the scientifically found people. They listened to him and got knowledge from him. But they were simple people.

In the group of the apostles if we later see their lives and their .. it was Peter and… who knew Latin. But the majority of those people did not know foreign languages, and because of this .. some of them knew Greek.. because they go and preach only in the East and just Piter go to the West and preach to the Greek and the Romans. And because the center of culture at that time it was in Greece and Rome he became the most important figure in [history] before of the Jesus.

When Jesus died happened that the people, the apostles and other preachers, needed something, some legend what they will tell people and teach people. And life of Jesus was that legend – every one of them was going to the people and begin to explain about Jesus, about his life, about his sacrifice.

And because they were different people, they told little bit different story, on different way, the same story. And later somebody wrote down their stories, it was not the apostles who wrote the Bible, New Testament. There were pupils who listened and wrote down what their masters said. And that became the books of New Testament.Interview with Viktor Shel

About many versions of New Testament

Every group of Cristian had their own book. And those book sometime were the same, sometimes were different. To the beginning of the 4thcentury it was many of those books, we don’t know the exact number. But the church become official, powerful. It needed to choose just several of them as official books for the people. That was they needed to choose, and they choose this. But rest survived sometimes in rural communities and because first Christian didn’t distinguish themselves as Christian, not the Jewish people, or different. They had rules of Jewish people. And rules of Jewish people were – the book cannot be destroyed, cannot be burned, and should be saved.   And some of those books survived to our time. That why we found the Genesa. Genesa was in room kept of old book, those book was made from the skin of sheep.

[This books were] completely different [from the official version], that’s why they dint not survive because they describe differently. Just the books that show the official version survived.

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Judas Iscariot. It seems inconceivable that Judas acted out of mercenary considerations, and thus he saw the Son of the God in suffering and in death. It is impossible that when Jesus appointed Judas as the apostle, Jesus would not recognize his essence. WHY HE BETRAYED JESUS presents the conclusion that Judas acted on the instructions of Jesus, who set the goal of sacrificing himself to provide an eternal paradise for the souls of sinless people.