I think that was because Jesus decided that he needed to create new religion. He needed to bring as much as possible attention to creator among the all people in the world.from the Interview with Viktor Shel

VIKTOR SHEL, the author of soon to become New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon, comes with an equally original, compelling, and provocative book, WHY HE BETRAYED JESUS, turning his focus toward the most controversial religious topic of humanity, and presenting the conclusion that Judas acted on the instructions of Jesus.

Young Leo



The story I want to tell is not fictional; all of these events actually happened to my grandfather. In the 1880’s, when he was twelve years old, a series of events occurred that caused him to travel throughout the Crimea in search of his mother. His journey through the Crimea, which in those years was part of the Russian Empire, is described in this book. In the course of his wanderings, young Leo encountered representatives of various sectors of society: nobility, peasants and intelligentsia, and people of different cultures and nationalities—Russians, Gypsies, Jews and Crimean Tatars. These childhood adventures left a deep impression on my grandfather.

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I dreamed about becoming a writer

First of all I want to tell you I dreamed to become writer when I was young boy. Whole my life I thought it will be time when I will be able to sit and nobody will disturb me – I will write. But life did not allow me. First of all my farther returned from war as disabled person – Second World War. And it became the necessity for me early to obtain some profession and begin to work and support myself.

Later on life was moving me in different direction and mainly I could do what required to support my family. Just when I retired and I got free time, I decided that’s it – time for me to return to my dream.

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