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With the deep insight and clarity that makes WHY HE BETRAYED JESUS so interesting to read, VIKTOR SHEL maps out to narratee history which is 2017 years old. He recounts the times when Judea was under the Roman rule and explains why Jesus’ teaching was revolutionary to be able to win the hearts of new followers, not only from the chosen people of Judea but from nationalities all over the world.

The death of Jesus tugged at people’s heartstrings so greatly, that it drew a whole army of Crusaders in the name of God and the Son of God. Would Christianity have come so far if Jesus would not be brutally crucified? Did Jesus Christ realize that, as a historical figure, he could change the world?

All these and many more dubious questions are discussed in the interview with VIKTOR SHEL.

Why did you decide to write about Judas Iscariot?

I felt it I need to write and let we turn to the history why I wrote book about Judas Iscariot. What happened. I got the book of famous Russian writer Leonid Andreev who lived in the end of the 19th century – beginning of 20th century. In 1905 he published the book named “Judas Iscariot”. In that book he described the guy who was bad. Internally bad, his appearance was bad, he was bad looking, he had the head with one eye, he was very bad. And when I read this book, I don’t know what made Andreev to write this book. But I know that he read that book to Maxim Gorkiy in Kapri. And Maxim Gorkiy said that he wrote right. And that made me think about Judas. And the more I thought the more I found out that it could not be as Andreev wrote.

Why Judas could not be the traitor?

First of all it could not be because I don’t think that Jesus was naive and took the bad guy. He could take bad guy and bring to himself but temporarily .Not to go all over and follow him as apostle.

Second, I found out that Judas was a treasurer of the group. If Judas was so greedy, why they trust him their finance.

As soon I begin to think about this, I more become to think how it happened that the new religion appeared. What make the people believe in that religion, fundamental.

Sacrifice and Salvation

And I understood that fundamental of that religion was sacrifice. That the Jesus sacrificed his life. Was Judas the person who created this. I don’t believe this. I believe that wise whose name we right now pray in religion of Christianity. So far now it is the 21st century and people believe in it.

Who did people worship before that?

Before him, the believing in one Creator was just [by] one nation –Jewish nation. The [other] people around were believing in many Gods. It was very important. The system of Gods. The Greeks. It was some system of Gods for Egyptians. For different people – different system of Gods. But everyone believed in majority of the many Gods. One God for see. One God for sky. Another for earth. Third for women. Forth for war. And like this. But just one nation that time believed that everything that happened in the Erath [was] create by one [God].

The Plan of Jesus

The concept was before Jesus, long before Jesus. The role of Jesus was to spread believe in creator among all people. To create such system of religion what will be for everyone, not just for Jews, for everyone. And to do this. He needed to come with some idea. And that idea is that the God wanted people to be happy after death in paradise, but paradise just for the people who won’t sin. Sinning people have no way to get to the paradise.

But what happen that we sometimes sin without thinking. How to save those people. They were not criminal. They were not bad people. Somebody need to save them too. That could be just because of sacrifice.

The Jews that time believed, Jesus believed, that if you will once a year come to the temple and bring the scarify official animal, that life of that animals will bring salvation for your family, for homedear. And Jesus told how to bring those property of sacrifice to whole people, to whole generation, every generation, to the people of every nation. This could be very very big sacrifice. Such sacrifice what could not imagine. And that sacrifice should be by sacrificing the Son of God.

He is the Son of God

No, it was not easy. He really believed from very young age that he is a Son of God. But the people around could not believe this because he was a person. And to make them believe he need sacrifice. Because this bring solvation for people. That people of that time believed



Judas Iscariot. It seems inconceivable that Judas acted out of mercenary considerations, and thus he saw the Son of the God in suffering and in death. It is impossible that when Jesus appointed Judas as the apostle, Jesus would not recognize his essence. WHY HE BETRAYED JESUS presents the conclusion that Judas acted on the instructions of Jesus, who set the goal of sacrificing himself to provide an eternal paradise for the souls of sinless people.

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