The Dancing Man Story. Immigrant life

He worked alongside illegal Mexican immigrants, who also spoke no English, but most of them understood what the foreman wanted from them, and they could talk to each other in Spanish.

The Dancing Man Story. Assimilation

Our people have not been lucky. Other nations set boundaries and they separate us as Soviet Jews, Polish Jews, Romanian Jews…. Worse, we assimilate their language, and now a Romanian Jew cannot communicate with a Polish Jew.

The Dancing Man Story

It was a unique spectacle and I loved watching the ever-changing flames and the incandescent coals that were like magical fireworks bursting into colorful sparks.

The Dancing Man

My mind could not understand how it could be that a Jew fought on the German side in the ranks of the Romanian army.

The Childhood of Vilen

Our house was typical of the architecture of old Odessa, built from limestone in the late nineteenth century and then gradually eroding for more than half a century.

Why He Betrayed Jesus. The Purpose

The purpose is so important that for it someone must sacrifice more than their life - they must sacrifice their honour and their good name, Are you ready for such a sacrifice?

Why He Betrayed Jesus. Pontius Pilate Quote

“Do not make me laugh, stupid Jew.” Pontius Pilate had said upon hearing Anna’s explanation. “Your tribal God, Yahweh. Is a very weak God if he has allowed your people to become vassals of mighty Rome.”